NYCMS Member Alert 7/22/16

Vol. 11, Issue 5

Recent news:  MLMIC (Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company), which provides coverage for many NYCMS members, has announced that in the third quarter of 2017 it is expected to be taken over by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.  MLMIC will thus be converted from a mutual company to a stock company.
            We are told that this change should not affect MLMIC’s claims process, nor the setting of MLMIC rates.  (Those functions depend on risk experts and the New York State Department of Financial Services.)
            As a stock company, MLMIC will no longer pay dividends to insureds.  However, once the sale has been finalized, insured physicians will receive a buyout amount.
            MSSNY and NYCMS will evaluate the situation as it develops.  For more information, go to:
Tell Governor Cuomo:  We need those e-prescribing bills signed now!  Click on:  Governor still has not signed our two eRx bills – please send him emails now.  And, click on:  Governor must also sign step therapy bill – send him an email on this too.
Talking to your patients about Zika:  Do you need resources?  Click on:  Free from MSSNY, Zika podcasts for patients and physicians – plus flyers.
Treating pain:  There has been an important change in the law.  Click on:  For acute pain, NYS law now limits initial opioid prescribing to seven days.
Something else you must know!  Click on:  Six months before you re-register your license with the NYS Department of Education, you must update your physician profile.
HIPAA on your mind?  Get an excellent update.  Click on:  Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.:  Free webinar, “2016 HIPAA Update: What A Medical Practice Needs to Know to Stay Compliant.”   Our endorsed vendor can also help polish up your compliance program so you can prepare for HIPAA audits or MACRA.  Click on:  HIPAA Secure Now! provides many services to NYCMS members.
Insurers – the problems continue.  Here’s a useful item, however.  Click on:  Update – Whom to contact if you get a records request from a United Healthcare (UHC) Medicare Solutions plan?

Do you think some of your patients might benefit from medical marijuana?  You would need to be take the NYS Department of Health’s course.  Click on:  DOH has updated Medical Marijuana course.

NYCMS reminds you:  We have a huge variety of member benefits!
NYCMS offers members a wide range of benefits – some at special discounts, others FREE. 
HIPAA:  HIPAA Secure Now! (our endorsed vendor) can help you deal with an OCR audit, prepare for MACRA – or just tighten up your HIPAA compliance so you’ll be ready for whatever comes.  Click on:  HIPAA Secure Now! provides many services to NYCMS members. 
Your patients and their prescription needs:  We suggest two FREE ways patients can save money on prescriptions.  Click on:  Website for price comparisons (GoodRx), and discount card to use at pharmacies (NY RX Card). 
Communicating with your patients and the public:  We have some great ideas.    Click on:  Three great member benefits:  Web design (WorkerbeeMD), phone messaging (PhoneRover), medical translating (Canopy – free!). 
Communicating with other physicians:   Click on:  DocBookMD is a HIPAA-compliant smartphone platform, FREE to NYCMS members.   (Now you can use DocBookMD to e-prescribe or text, too.) 
On the financial side:  Click on:  Improving credit-card processing with CardConnect, and collecting what’s due with I.C. System, Inc.
Health insurance for you and your staff – where to start?   Click on:  Idilus can provide tax, payroll and other employer services – plus health insurance for many practices!   If Idilus (a Professional Employer Organization) does your payroll, it’s also permitted to provide health insurance.  Rates are quite attractive. There’s underwriting, but it’s worth looking into.
Office expenses:  We have ways to deal with them.  Click on:  For your office:  Staffing (Winston), supplies and equipment for copying (Superior Office Systems), more supplies (AMP, a wonderful buying club), uniforms (Medelita) – and expert real-estate consultants (Commercial Tenant Concierge).
Of great personal interest:  Click on:  NYCMS members can get discounts for theater, etc. (Working Advantage), access to a college funding plan (JPMorgan/Vital Planning Group), and a 10 percent discount on auto insurance.    
The endorsement by NYCMS of selected vendors is not intended nor should it be construed as personalized legal or financial advice.  Each physician, in conjunction with his/her own advisors, must determine what is appropriate for his/her particular circumstances.  
NYCMS also reminds you…
Order your “Doctor on Medical Call” card! Send your check for $25.00, made payable to the New York County Medical Society, and your request to: Parking Renewal Program, New York County Medical Society, 31 West 34th Street, Suite 7053, New York, New York 10001.   If you have questions, call (212) 684-4698.
Members have free access to Jim McNally:  Our members can speak free of charge with consultant Jim McNally, who heads up our NYCMS Third-Party Payer Assistance Program.  Jim can help you disentangle billing, coding and reimbursement problems quickly and efficiently.  Call Susan Tucker at 212-684-4681, or e-mail
Share this e-zine with staff:  Physicians, be sure to share this e-zine with your office manager.   Call 212-684-4681, or e-mail
Make your own member-to-member announcements:  At no charge, you can post announcements about practice relocation, real estate, consulting services and more.  Call Lisa Joseph at 212-684-4698, or e-mail   Also, don’t forget the classified section on our website,, for places to rent, share or buy, services to use, and people and positions available.   Go to and check out the MM News Classifieds.
Events – You’re Invited
Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.:  Free webinar, “2016 HIPAA Update: What A Medical Practice Needs to Know to Stay Compliant.”
This free webinar, hosted by HIPAA Secure Now! (our endorsed HIPAA vendor), will give you the whole picture.  Please pre-register at (212) 684-4698, or email   Instructions will be sent to you closer to the event.
The Legislative Horizon
For acute pain, NYS law now limits initial opioid prescribing to seven days
Prescribing limitations are now in effect, under a new law that’s part of New York State’s efforts to curb opioid abuse.  The new measure limits to seven days the prescription of Schedule II, III, or IV opioids, upon initial consultation for treatment of acute pain. 
  • Under the NYS Public Health law, “acute pain” is defined to mean pain - whether caused by disease, accidental trauma, intentional trauma or any other circumstance - that the practitioner reasonably expects to last only a short period of time.  The term [“pain”] SHALL NOT include chronic pain; nor pain that is being treated as part of cancer care, hospice care or other end-of-life care; nor pain that is being treated as part of palliative care practices.  
  • The new limitation applies to the initial prescription ONLY.  The measure gives the prescriber flexibility: Upon any subsequent consultations for the same pain, the prescriber is permitted to issue any appropriate renewal, refill or new prescription for the opioid or any other drug, consistent with existing 30-day or 90-day statutory limits for Schedule II, III and IV medications. 
  • The measure also limits the application of co-pays for the limited initial prescription of an opioid, to either (i) an amount that’s proportional between the co-payment for a 30-day supply and the co-payment for the supply the patient was actually prescribed, or (ii) the equivalent of the co-pay for the full 30-day supply - provided that no additional co-pays may be charged for any additional prescriptions for the remainder of the 30-day supply. 
  • The NYS Department of Health has set up a temporary procedure for billing for the Medicaid Fee-For-Service Program.  The department’s letter can be found HERE. 
  • The letter does stipulate that pharmacists are NOT required to verify with the prescriber whether an opioid prescription has been written for a supply that’s more than seven days.   
  • Additional information on opioids and this law may be obtained by contacting the NYS Department of Health’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, at 1-866-811-7957. Or, click HERE.
Governor still has not signed our two eRx bills – please send him emails now    
NYCMS members:  With your grassroots efforts and working together with strong allies, MSSNY achieved two e-prescribing victories in this legislative session – but the Governor still hasn’t signed the bills and it’s already late July! Please send instant email messages to urge the Governor to move FAST.  Just click on the links shown below: 
            S. 6779-B (Hannon)/A.9335-B (Gottfried) would ease the heavy reporting burden on physicians (who are now required to email the Department of Health every time they need to issue a paper/phone/fax prescription instead of e-prescribing).  Physicians would be allowed to make a notation in the patient’s chart when they had to invoke one of the three statutory exceptions to the mandatory e-prescribing law.  TO SEND THE GOVERNOR A LETTER, please click here.
            A.10448 (Schimel)/S. 7537 (Martins) would permit a pharmacy to transfer an e-prescription to another pharmacy – for example, when the initial pharmacy did not have the medication in stock. This bill would make things much easier for patients, and would speed their access to medications.  TO SEND A THE GOVERNOR A LETTER, click here.
Governor must also sign step therapy bill – send him an email on this too
The Governor also needs to sign S.3419-C (Young/A.2834-D (Titone), establishing criteria for physicians to request an override of a health insurer’s step-therapy medication protocol when it is in the best interest of their patients’ health.  We know that the insurers are strongly fighting this bill, so the Governor’s office needs to hear your support.  PLEASE SEND A LETTER – click here.
Issues with Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans
Update – Whom to contact if you get a records request from a United Healthcare (UHC) Medicare Solutions plan?

As we have reported, members have been receiving multiple computer-generated requests for the medical records of their United Healthcare (UHC) Medicare Solutions patients. These requests state that payment is being withheld pending review of these records. (In essence, it's a prepayment review!)  The requests have been received by multiple specialties, so it appears that no one group of physicians is being targeted.
            Calls to the UHC Customer Service Representatives have been met with vague answers as to why these letters are being generated and sent. So, the Society has been in touch with CMS, and as a result UHC has identified a contact person to help you resolve these issues.  You can send an email to Nisha Sidker.  Her email address is:  Her phone is 212-912-4022.  Please include physician name, contact name & number, tracking number if available, TIN, NPI and brief description of the issue.
            You may wish to ask: 
- Why weren't you notified that you were allegedly exceeding in-house parameters as to the appropriate utilization of a given service(s), and had then been placed in prepayment status - without even a warning?
- Why were you not given any detailed explanation as to who this universe of physicians were that you are being compared to, and by what percentage the UHC plan alleges that you exceeded the proprietary parameters?   Most likely, you were probably well within the preferred practice patterns set by your national specialty societies.
- What mechanisms will be used, and how can you reasonably be expected to be removed from this prepayment status?  What percentage of claims are needed to pass the review process as sufficiently documented?  What criteria is the plan using with regard to the utilization parameters they apply? 

For guidance on this issue, contact the NYCMS Third Party Insurance Help Program.  Call Susan Tucker at 212-684-4681, or email
Public health and your practice

Free from MSSNY, Zika podcasts for patients and physicians – plus flyers
MSSNY has produced a FREE audio podcast, “What Patients Need to Know About Zika," with important information on the Zika virus.  Anyone may log into the podcast HERE.
Developed by MSSNY’s Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster/Terrorism Response, the podcast features Dr. William Valenti, an infectious disease specialist, and Dr. Elizabeth Dufort, medical director, Division of Epidemiology, NYS Department of Health.  Topics include general Zika information, symptoms and treatment, sexual transmission, pregnancy risks, travel to countries where the virus is prevalent, and prevention steps.
            MSSNY has also provided a flyer for patients, which you can access HERE.  The flyer provides a QR code (barcode) for accessing the podcast, plus QR codes to the Department of Health’s website on Zika Virus and to the Environmental Protection Agency.   
In addition, MSSNY has developed an audio podcast for physicians and healthcare providers on Zika epidemiology, disease transmittal, diagnosis, and measures taken by the NYS Department of Health to guide and protect all New Yorkers.  This podcast is available here, and    you can also access a flyer on the podcast HERE .
Six months before you re-register your license with the NYS Department of Education, you must update your physician profile

Under NYS Public Health Law §2995-a and Education Law §6524, physicians are required to update their Physician Profile in the six months before their current registration expires and they submit their biennial registration.  The NYS Department of Health has recently emailed physicians whose re-registration is due within the next six months, informing them that they must update their physician profile.  If you plan on renewing your registration with the State Department of Education, you must update your profile; if not, no action is required.
            To update your profile, please log on to the Health Commerce System (HCS) account here.  The Physician Profile icon is in the menu on the left of the screen. 
            If you need assistance in order to access your HCS account, please call 1-866-529-1890, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:45 pm.
            If you need assistance or have questions specific to the Physician Profile, please call 1-888-338-6998, Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:45 pm.
            If your profile is up to date, you must still log into the Physician Profile through your HCS account, to confirm that the information is current and accurate.
            The Health Commerce System (HCS), accessible via the Internet, is the secure website for web-based interactions with the NYS Department of Health.  Physicians - besides being required to update their physician profile through the HCS - need an HCS account to order prescription pads, to check the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), to comply with tumor and cancer reporting requirements, to access the Immunization Registry, etc.
            Physicians who do not have a Health Commerce System account are urged to set one up.  For a paperless HCS account application, click here.
DOH has updated Medical Marijuana course

Practitioners who wish to register with the NYS Department of Health and certify their patients for the Medical Marijuana Program are required to complete the four-hour department-approved online course on the medical use of marijuana developed by TheAnswerPage, an established online medical education provider.  The DOH has updated this course, with additional information on the use of medical marijuana in each of the conditions covered in the Compassionate Care Act (based on available scientific evidence). 
            The cost to take the course is $249. Practitioners taking the course will earn 4.5 hours of CME credit upon successful completion of the course.  The new material is also accessible through TheAnswerPage’s website, at no extra cost, for those who have already taken the course (before the updates were released).    
            The course may be accessed here.  For further information, visit the department’s web page for more information about becoming a registered practitioner. 

NYCMS Member Benefits
HIPAA Secure Now! provides many services to NYCMS members
HIPAA Secure Now! helps you with HIPAA compliance.  As the healthcare system moves from paper to digital, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is emphasizing HIPAA much more than before.  HIPAA requires you to protect patient information, and has specific guidance – yet the same complex HIPAA regulations apply equally to the largest hospitals and the smallest practices.  Naturally, most physician practices don’t have a special, dedicated HIPAA expert, but NYCMS has partnered with HIPAA Secure Now! to help our members with all these issues.  You can get a comprehensive, yet affordable, HIPAA compliance service to NYCMS members, at a 10 percent discount.  Everything you need is included: 
—    Risk Assessments
—    Training
—    Policies
—    Documentation Portal
—    HIPAA support and consulting
To talk about what HIPAA Secure Now! can do to take the headaches of HIPAA security out of your small (or large) practice, contact  And, note the following: 

You can get answers to your HIPAA questions via HIPAA Security Now’s free email “hotline.”  If you have a HIPAA question or issue, just send an email to
You can find out about the HIPAA requirements and HIPAA Secure Now! through a free September 7 webinar, “2016 HIPAA Update: What A Medical Practice Needs to Know to Stay Compliant.”  The webinar will be accessible on Wednesday, September 7, 2016, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  It’s free, but please pre-register at (212) 684-4698, or e-mail   Instructions will be sent to you closer to the event.
You can work with HIPAA Secure Now! if you’ve been targeted for a HIPAA audit.  OCR, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, is now moving into what it calls “Phase 2 HIPAA audits.” If you’ve been picked for an audit, HIPAA Secure Now! is ready to assist you. 
OCR’s message will say that you have 10 business days to upload specified documents to an OCR portal.  They’re looking for just a sampling of your HIPAA compliance program – but of course, you can’t know in advance what samples they could possibly request!  The best strategy?  Make sure your HIPAA compliance program is in the best shape it can be. You can work with HIPAA Secure Now! on your compliance program, starting immediately. 
You can work with HIPAA Secure Now! to prepare for MACRA.  MACRA (the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) is a giant package of regulations, currently proposed and likely to be approved in fall of 2016, that will change Medicare’s fundamental fee-for-service system.  The new MACRA system will tie physician payments to quality and value; the goals are better care, lower costs and improved health.
            Physicians will still be paid on the traditional fee-for-service basis, but their payments may be adjusted depending on their MACRA performance score.  The adjustments may start at around 4 percent in 2019; by 2022 they may be as high as 9 percent (plus or minus – depending on the physician’s score).  You will need to start complying with the new MACRA rules starting in 2017; the adjustments will be applied starting in 2019.  Each practice will be required to have performed a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis – otherwise you’ll get an automatic zero on a sizeable portion of the MACRA challenge.  And, be aware that CMS is explicitly encouraging private payers to implement similar programs.  You can work with HIPAA Secure Now! on your risk analysis. 

Website for free price comparisons (GoodRx), and free discount card to use at pharmacies (NY RX Card)

Be a hero to your patients with GoodRx:  Help your patients and your practice with savings of up to 80 percent on your patients’ prescriptions. Drug prices vary wildly between pharmacies; you can use GoodRx in your practice to educate and empower your patients, whether they’re insured or not.  It’s free – no signup or credit card required.  The result:  Happier, smarter patients who save money and take their meds as prescribed.

            GoodRx finds the lowest prices and discounts.  How?  GoodRx lets the user: (1) Collect and compare prices for every FDA-approved prescription drug at more than 70,000 US pharmacies, and (2) find free coupons to use at pharmacies.  GoodRx also shows the lowest price at each nearby pharmacy.

            The user types in the name of the drug and then hits “Find the Lowest Price.”  To see GoodRx, go to:
            NYCMS members:  Call the Society at 212-684-4670.

NY RX card:  A discount card that patients can use at pharmacies, for savings up to 75 percent:  The New York RX Card is a 100 percent free, 100 percent confidential point-of-sale prescription discount card that can save your patients up to 75 percent on prescription medications.  It is free to everyone with no minimum nor maximum, no age or income requirements, no enrollment or approval process - and it is accepted at over 68,000 pharmacies, nationwide.
            This card will provide patients with prescription medication savings of up to 75 percent at pharmacies across the country including CVS/pharmacy, Duane Reade, A&P, Hannaford, Kinney, Kmart, Pathmark, Stop and Shop, Target, Tops, Waldbaums, Walgreens, Walmart, Wegmans, and many more. You can create as many cards as you need. We encourage you to give cards to friends and family members. This card is pre-activated and can be used immediately, with no personal information taken or given.
            The NYRX Card works on lowest price logic, to guarantee the best prices on medications.  It won’t lower co-pays or replace existing insurance, but in some cases the New York Rx price is even lower than your patients’ co-pay!  The card can be used during the deductible periods in Health Savings Accounts and High Deductible Plans, lowering out-of-pocket expense on prescriptions. Medicare Part D recipients can use the card to discount prescriptions that are not covered on their plan, as well as to receive discounts on medications that are not discounted when the patient’s prescription spending is in the “donut hole.”
            MSSNY members:  NYRX will mail as many cards you desire directly to your office, with display stands. The cards typically are placed at the patient checkout area.  Additionally, some doctors place them at the check-in area too. Contact for your cards!
Three great member benefits:  Web design (WorkerbeeMD), phone messaging (PhoneRover), medical translating (Canopy – free!)
WorkerbeeMD is a medical website design company that designs and markets websites for doctors. Your patients are online.  Are you?  A medical practice is a business!  You need to be able to make a strong first impression, increase practice visibility, communicate effectively with patients, optimize your search engine, track website metrics to optimize content, and expand your patient base – all, through a new or redesigned mobile-friendly medical website.  WorkerbeeMD can do it for you, at preferred rates for Society members. 
            WorkerbeeMD will create or upgrade your practice website; it will design, maintain, host and search-engine optimize your website for patients to find you. Communicate with WorkerbeeMD via, (866) 724-6896, or, for capabilities including:  
  • Access to information that patients can trust
  • Share treatment options and services
  • Display participating insurance providers
  • View physician credentials
  • Appointments can be booked around the clock
  • Access to hours, directions, registration forms
  • Appointments can be booked after hours
And, click on this Attachement to see more! 
PhoneRover solves your patient communication needs:  PhoneRover makes sure that while your patients are on hold they get the information they need about your practice.  It also helps with appointment reminders, checkup reminders, office closings and more.  Discounted for Society members - AND you get the easy Health on Hold channel at no charge. NYCMS members:  Call the Society at 212-684-4670. 
Canopy translator helps you communicate with patients who speak other languages:  NYCMS is pleased to provide its members with the Canopy Medical Translator, a free download for our members that lets you communicate with patients in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and more.
Canopy has been supported by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) to create a next-gen translator app for medicine.  Don't wait for a translator to show up, or worry about finding a "translator" phone in your hospital. You have the app, and you have the access with Canopy!  To see how Canopy works, watch the video. Society members will get access to the app for free (value of $250). There are a limited number of free licenses, so act fast!  Use access code 9333 to unlock the app after downloading:
For iOS - you can search on the App Store or click here (If using an iPad, switch the search to "iPhone Only"):
      For Android - you can search on the Play Store or click here:
DocbookMC is a HIPAA-compliant smartphone platform, FREE to NYCMS members
DocBookMD, designed by physicians for physicians, provides an exclusive HIPAA-compliant professional network that you can use to connect, communicate and collaborate with your Society colleagues, and communicate with Manhattan pharmacies to send e-prescriptions. You can send pictures of x-rays and wounds, reports or other information, and be assured that you are not taking any HIPAA risks. 
Go to your phone and download your free app from the iTunes App Store, or from the Android Market (see directions below).  Once you have downloaded the app to your device, open it up and follow the simple registration steps.  You’ll have access to Society members as well as all Manhattan pharmacies, right on your iPhone, iPad, laptop, and Android. Do you teach medical students or residents? You need this app.  NYCMS members:  Call the Society at 212-684-4670. 
New development:  Texting orders is now permitted - under certain circumstances!  Finally, you can take advantage of the ease and efficiency of communication that mobile text messaging brings.  The Joint Commission has updated its policy and you are now permitted to text orders – as long as you include the components that are required for an order, and use a secure text messaging platform. (The built-in messaging app on your phone just won’t cut it.)  DocBookMD is ready to help you comply.  A secure texting platform must include the following: 
—    Secure sign–on process 
—    Encrypted messaging 
—    Delivery and read receipts 
—    Date and time stamp 
—    Customized message retention time frames 
—    Specified contact list for individuals authorized to receive and record orders
DocbookMD meets and exceeds all of these requirements.  It’s free to all New York County Medical Society members. Learn more at, and download for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
            Need help using the DocbookMD app? The user manual and tutorial videos will walk you through everything you need to know from beginning to end:
·    DocbookMD User Manual
·    DocbookMD Tutorial Videos
If you need your member ID to log in for purchase, contact or call the Society’s membership department at (212) 684–4682. 
Improving credit-card processing with CardConnect, and collecting what’s due with I.C. System, Inc.
Credit-card processing with CardConnect:  CardConnect (formerly Charge Card Systems) has created a powerful benefit program that goes beyond what other credit-card processors can offer. CardConnect has helped thousands of businesses stay informed and protected, while reducing their processing costs.
CardConnect offers benefits that will control your processing and protect your business.  You get wholesale pricing, a single point of contact, and educational tools to keep you up to date on credit-card processing - at a time when credit-card fraud is at an all-time high.  The savings will boost efficiency for your bottom line, and the CardConnect software will save you time and effort in your sales activity.  This program goes beyond what other credit-card processors can offer, by providing: 
  • Wholesale rates - NYCMS members typically see a 10 to 40 percent reduction in processing fees.
  • Point-to-point encryption - Sensitive payment data is instantly encrypted the moment a customer's card is swiped, meaning that it never hits or is stored within your system
  • Patented tokenization - Taking the protection of encryption one step further, tokenization replaces sensitive payment data with a unique identifier known as a token, which renders cardholder data unreadable and therefore useless to hackers.
  • Superior service - Each NYCMS member receives a single point of contact the moment he or she signs up. 
  • CardConnect now fully integrates with QuickBooks.
  • Additional benefits include:   Next Day Funding (including American Express) and VIP Service.  Any form of payment accepted (all major brands, mobile, ACH & electronic checks).
Give CardConnect the opportunity to provide you with a free, confidential line-by-line savings analysis – plus a cost comparison to your current situation!  We're confident you will be pleased with our ability to enhance your bottom line.  Call 212-684-4670 and ask for the CardConnect member benefit program.          
I.C. System, Inc., offers “Value-Added Benefits” for NYCMS members only! If you have a backlog of bad debt - no matter how large or small - or are having trouble with slow-paying, unresponsive insurance carriers, I.C. System, Inc., can help with effective and professional accounts receivable management services, tailored to your specific office needs.  NYCMS members:  Call the Society at 212-684-4670. 
Idilus can provide tax, payroll and other employer services – plus health insurance for many practices! 
Idilus, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and physician and hospital consulting company, can provide physician practices with tax, payroll and other human resources services – plus, for many practices, health insurance using a “name brand” national PPO network. 
Be aware that you must sign up for the basic services – at least the payroll processing.  And, the health insurance is underwritten, which means that not every practice will qualify.  But Idilus’s offerings are worth your consideration. 
NYCMS has entered into an exclusive contract with Idilus that allows our members to receive services at pre-negotiated discounts.  Please contact Matt Peterson at 877-545-5666 for more information about Idilus benefits.  
For your office:  Staffing (Winston), copying supplies and equipment (Superior Office Systems), more supplies (AMP, a wonderful buying club), uniforms (Medelita) – and expert real-estate consultants (Commercial Tenant Concierge)
Winston Support Services, LLC, for personnel you can trust:  Don’t put your office in a bind when you need permanent or temporary staff assistance. Winston Support Services, LLC, is JCAHO-certified, and you can be assured that all of its candidates are selected and pre-screened for proper licensure, background checks (criminal and educational), references, skills, and physicals - including PPDs and ten panel toxicology screens. These precautions save you a great deal of time and ensure professional screening results.
If you need someone in your office ASAP, AND you want to make sure that they are perfect for your position, AND you want a NYCMS discount, join and take advantage of your special member rates at Winston Support Services.  Winston has a dedicated hotline for Society members at (212) 687-4667.  Call today and have Ivy Kramer, MSW, CSW, from Winston, meet with you at your office and discuss the many ways Winston can meet your staffing needs efficiently and cost effectively. Call Winston at (212) 687-4667, or email Ivy at
Superior Office Systems:  Discounts on copying needs:  Superior Office Systems offers a 10 percent discount to members on all Canon products. NYCMS members:  Call the Society at 212-684-4670. 
AMP, a wonderful buying club:  Are you a member of AMP?  It’s the Society’s great buying-club benefit that lets you keep your favorite vendors and SAVE on all your office and medical supply needs, as well as other special features.  Update your office or home computer systems with computer equipment and software, available to AMP members and staff through on-line ordering with Insight.  Staff can make personal purchases and receive the same discounts offered to the practice. 
If you’re an AMP member, go right to the website and order at AMP website. Do you still need to sign up?  What are you waiting for?   Contact AMP at 855-267-8700,  Tell them you’re a New York County Medical Society member and SIGN UP.
Medelita offers discounts on designer lab coats and scrubs:  Our partnership with Medelita allows members to save on premium Medelita lab coats and scrubs at a special NYCMS rate. Members, if they wish, can have the NYCMS logo embroidered without any charge for artwork digitization.  Medelita scrubs and lab coats represent a shift from traditional lab coats, offering sophisticated style, performance, fabric and gender-specific sizing and style.  NYCMS members:  Call the Society at 212-684-4670. 
Real-estate expertise at your service:  Commercial Tenant Concierge helps healthcare tenants cost-effectively manage real-estate leases.  Experienced real-estate professionals are on call to solve problems related to landlord billing, building services, HVAC complaints, alterations, subleasing, key action dates, and other lease-related issues.  You can subscribe when and if you need the help of Commercial Tenant Concierge, when the time is right for you. If you need assistance with subleasing, verifying landlord bills, resolving billing discrepancies and more, Commercial Tenant Concierge will work for you. NYCMS members:  Call the Society at (212) 684-4670, for referral to Commercial Tenant Concierge.
NYCMS members can get discounts for theater, etc. (Working Advantage), access to college funding plan (JPMorgan/Vital Planning Group), and a 10 percent discount on auto insurance.    
Working Advantage means discounts on theaters, sports and more:  Get free access to an internet entertainment website. Save 40 percent on movie tickets and receive discounts on Broadway theater, theme parks, sporting events, seasonal ski tickets, and more.  NYCMS members:  Call (212) 684–4670.
JPMorgan's NY 529 Advisor-Guided College Savings Program – now available to NYCMS members through Vital Planning Group:  We are pleased to inform you of a new benefit available for NYCMS members and their employees.  Society members can utilize this benefit in one of two ways: You can either sign up for the program directly as a member using the NYCMS Group ID, or offer the program to your practice’s employees using your own Group ID number.  Please view the attached documents to get detailed information on the unique benefits being offered to NYCMS under this program.  
            How to Get Started:  To participate directly in the program:  Contact Alex Tomei at 212-578-3012, or email at  at Vital Planning Group to receive an Enrollment Application.
            To establish a Group ID for your practice:  Contact Alex Tomei at 212-578-3012 or email at alex@vitalplanning.comVital Planning Group, to establish a group ID and get enrollment materials.   
            Additional Benefit:  Vital Planning will provide a complimentary college funding analysis to members signing up for the plan. A sample college funding analysis is attached. 
Attachement: Sample Education Analysis
Attachment: JPM Group Plan Guide for EmployeRS
Attachement: JPM Group Plan Guide Employee
10 percent discount from your auto insurer:  You can take the American Safety Institute’s 6 Hour Safe Driving Accident Prevention Program, at a member-only price of $26.00. This online course is approved by the NYS Division of Motor Vehicles, and you can save 10 percent on your New York State automobile liability and collision insurance premiums.  (If you live outside of New York State, check with your own insurance company regarding discounts.) 
Go to the Member Area section at  (Call the Society at 212-684–4670 if you need to know your Members Only sign-in and password.)