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December 2015
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Leaping Into the New Year
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Health Republic and MagnaCare Issues
Vital Planning Group named Preferred Financial Planning Firm
Nominations Open in February
Dateline: NYCMS
Idilus PEO -New Opportunities for Members
From the Board Room
2016 Medicare Fee Schedule is Out
Life Membership
Cheers to These Festive New Members!
McNally's Comer
Legal Briefs:   Put Out Practice Fires Proactively
Buyer Beware

July 1, 2015
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In Memoriam
Doctors Need Special Protection
How to Welcome a New Employee
50 Years On
Remembering Mrs. Eleanor Spingarn
Education Through the Anti–Trafficking Initiative
Q and A: Medical Debt Collection and Cell Phone Calls
Questions A Financial Advisor Should Ask You
McNally’s Corner
E–Prescribing Clarifications from the New York State Education Department
Flu Season Is Open
Dateline: NYCMS
A Welcome Batch of New Members
Upcoming Events
The State of the Society
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June 1, 2015
Online Course Save 10% On NYS Auto Insurance
Use Unused Meds to Do Good AND Reduce Med Waste
Payment Processing for You with CardConnect
In Memoriam
It’s Vacation Time: Get Fun Discounts
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Letter to the Editor — E–Prescribing Consequences
We Mourn Past President Joseph E. Davis, MD, MPH
Hire in Haste, Repent at Leisure OR Hire Smart and Relax
Help Nepal
Legal Reforms Long Overdue
Free Resource on ICD–10
Access Free Office Staff Tutorials
Save $ on Everyday Office Purchases With No Hassle
A Tip of the Hat
McNally’s Corner
What Medicare Professionals Need to Know in 2015 On YouTube
How to Report to the NYC DOH
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Hats Off
Honored to Present to You These New Members
From the Front
Nominated and Elected
Meet the Executive Committee Candidates
Get Your Doctor on Call Card Today
From the Board Room
Next McNally Sessions for Members
Society Brings Issues to State at HOD

January 1, 2015
Nominate Top Doctors
Your Practice Shouldn’t Pay Full Price
Dateline: NYCMS
Charge Card Systems Has A New Name, But Still Simplifies Payment Processing
Save the Dates: March 3, 10, 17 and 24 Free Series on Brain Function and Disease
The Legislature Is Back
Give Hope When You Get Rid of Unused Meds
Discounts on Movie Tickets, Theater, and Other Attractions
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McNally’s Corner
Act Now for Delay of E–Prescribing Requirement
Opportunities to Talk to YOUR Legislators February 8 Legislative Breakfast AND March 4 Albany Visit
From the Front
Felix Annus Novus
Nominations Open in February
2015 Medicare Fee Schedules Update
Dues Deductions for 2014 Taxes
From the Board Room
MLMIC Declares 7.5% Special Dividend
Hats Off
Welcome to 2015 New Members