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December 1, 2014
The Leadership, 2013 – 2014
Message from the President, 2013 – 2014 Paul N. Orloff, MD
Treasurer’s Report

The Leadership, 2013 – 2014
The Presidents, June 19, 2014, Annual Meeting of the New York County Medical Society: Back row, left to right: Joseph C. Dreyfus, MD; Malcolm D. Reid, MD, MPP; William B. Rosenblatt, MD; Joel M. Zinberg, MD, JD; Anthony A. Clemendor, MD; Milton Haynes, MD; Daniel Green, MD ; Front row, left to right: Andrew Y. Kleinman, MD, President, MSSNY; Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH; Sudha Patel, MD; Paul N. Orloff, MD; and Peter Lombardo, MD. Photo by Mervyn Bamby

Board of Directors,
New York County Medical Society

Paul N. Orloff, MD, President
Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH, President–Elect
Matthew J. Bonanno, MD, Vice President
Michael T. Goldstein, MD, JD, Secretary
Elbert St. Claire, MD, Assistant Secretary
Scot B. Glasberg, MD, Treasurer
Ami Shah, MD, Assistant Treasurer
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD, Board of Medical Ethics
Conrad Cean, MD
Gregory Di Felice, MD, Chair, Medical Economics
Eli Einbinder, MD, Board of Medical Ethics
Alan Engelberg, MD, Board of Medical Ethics
Gabriel Guardarramas, MD
Milton Haynes, MD, Bylaws
Marc E. Libeskind, MD, JD, Board of Medical Ethics
Henry Magliato, MD, Board of Medical Ethics
Marlin Mattson, MD, Board of Medical Ethics
Jay Rosenblum, MD, Board of Medical Ethics
Gabrielle L. Shapiro, MD, Membership
Niket Sonpal, MD
Naheed Van de Walle, MD
Michelle Zweifler, MD, Public Relations
Thakor C. Rana, MD, ex officio, MSSNY Councilor

Board of Trustees, New York County Medical Society
Board of Directors, Spingarn Fund, Inc.

Andrew T. Cheng, MD, Chair
Eugene E. Weise, MD
Joel M. Zinberg, MD, JD
Daniel W. Green, MD
Peter C. Lombardo, MD, FAAD

Committee Chairs,
New York County Medical Society
Michael Borercky, MD, Peer Review
Arthur Cooper, MD, Public Health
Heskel M. Haddad, MD, Parking Review
David Podell, MD, Continuing Medical Education
Steven Zaretsky, MD, Workers’ Compensation

Delegation to the Medical Society
of the State of New York

William B. Rosenblatt, MD, Chair
Anthony A. Clemendor, MD, Vice Chair
Stuart Orsher, MD, JD, Chair Emeritus
Paul N. Orloff, MD, Presidential Vice Chair
Robert B. Goldberg, DO, AMA Delegate
Malcolm D. Reid, MD, MPP, MSSNY Vice President and AMA Delegate

Staff, New York County Medical Society
Cheryl M. Malone, CAE, Executive Director
Susan Tucker, Esq.
Sony Hilado
Lisa Joseph
Valerie Davis

Message from the President, 2013 – 2014 Paul N. Orloff, MD
President Paul N. Orloff, MD, congratulates incoming president Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH, at the New York County Medical Society’s 2014 Annual Meeting, at the Metropolitan Commercial Bank, June 19, 2014.
Photo by Mervyn Bamby

It Was a Very Good Year

As I look back on my year as the 175th President of the New York County Medical Society, I realize that it was indeed an honor, a privilege, a significant responsibility and . . . a very good year.

Although the history of the Society goes back to 1806, my Presidency started in a very contemporary way, as Obamacare was being rolled out and the world was changing. From an organizational standpoint, we began by rearranging the very committed Board of Directors, bringing on new, vigorous, experienced physicians with a youthful vision and energy. Their contribution to meaningful discussions at out meetings as been invaluable. In addition we revisited out Committee structure, appointing some new Chairs, continuing with accomplished veterans, and prioritized goals and potential accomplishments. Included in these objectives was a stronger presence on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, the development of an improved Web Site, and improved public relations with very visible public stands on TV and in newspapers regarding a variety of issues from the Affordable Care Act to medical marijuana.

From a legislative perspective, we maintained close relationships with the eighteen Manhattan state legislators, attending fundraising events and meeting with them both locally and in Albany to communicate our concerns. Although goals such as tort reform, collective bargaining, transparency in advertising and out–of–network benefits continue to be pursued, we were successful in other areas including dealings with insurance companies and limiting scope of practice expansion. Legislation is a slow, complex and deliberate process, but relative to our legislators, we do have a seat at the table that we work very hard at keeping it warm.

The Society was well represented at the MSSNY House of Delegates with two of our Board members chairing Reference Committees and a number of our resolutions being passed with considerable support. Statewide respect for the Society was evident and appreciated.

We offered our members much by way of timely education and support including well–attended CME courses, coding courses, a lecture series on “The Business of Medicine” and very useful handouts on such issues as I–Stop and EMR meaningful usage. We stressed how to be compliant with the growing onslaught of government requirements and demands. We also reached out to the community with a joint project involving health care screenings and information at the Vanderbilt Y. We also reached out to Young Physicians, providing numerous lectures on entering our profession and offering social gatherings with both young and older physicians.

We expanded membership benefits with the goal of being a true resource to all our members. Ranging from discount purchasing of medical and office supplies to discounts on hiring temporary and full time office personnel, to free on–hold telephone messaging, we strove to have a positive economic impact on your practices. We are attempting to find health insurance alternatives as the ACA took away our ability to offer our members comprehensive, affordable insurance. In addition, our practice management guru, Jim McNally, was and is available to answer questions on everything from coding to insurance and government demands for refunds.

A major accomplishment was moving the Society’s offices so that we have space, technology, and meeting rooms at a significant savings that allows us to continue to be financially viable. This was a very labor intensive home run for us.

It was indeed a very good year for reaching out to the community, to young physicians, to legislators, and to our members. We communicated clearly and frequently on key issues and offered meaningful educational opportunities. We tightened the organization of the Society and we prepared ourselves financially, politically and from a benefits standpoint to be true resources to our members. As we move ahead in a world of constant change and challenges, we continue to strive to be relevant to our members, offering true value and support.

I thank you for the trust you placed in me and for the extraordinary opportunity that this year represented for all of us.

Treasurer’s Report

June 19, 2014, Annual Meeting of the New York County Medical Society: Donna Orloff; Paul Orloff, MD; David Sibulkin, MD; and Peter Lombardo, MD. Photo by Mervyn Bamby

In accord with Article VI, Section 6 of the Bylaws of the New York County Medical Society, I present this statement summarizing the Society’s financial records for 2013. Any active member in good standing may, by appointment, inspect the full and complete statement of our independent accountants at the offices of the Society. Scot B. Glasberg, MD, Treasurer.
Dues and Commission 642,949
Grants and Contributions 5,390
Fees 56,949
Royalties and Administrative Fees 62,512
Advertising 15,326
Interest Income 341
Other Income 1,452
Total Income $977,334
Salaries and Related Expenses $560,003
Occupancy Costs 253,959
Business Expense 924
Program Activities and Functions 38,378
Office Management 84,619
Professional Services 65,493
Total Expenses $1,003,376

Elected in 2014
Active 15
Young Physician/Part Time/Paid Retired 48
Resident/Fellow 41
Current Members in 2014
Active 1,396
Student 758
Life 883
Reduced Rate 210
TOTAL 3,247

Figures reflect membership as of December 31, 2014.