Annual Report 2014 - 2015

Message from the President,  2014 – 2015 Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH
Membership Report
Treasurer’s Report
The Leadership, 2014 – 2015

Message from the President,  2014 – 2015
Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH

Incoming President Michael T. Goldstein, MD, JD, accepts the gavel from outgoing President Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH,
at the New York County Medical Society’s 2015 Annual Meeting, June 2, 2015.  

Photo by Mervyn Bamby

As outgoing President of the New York County Medical Society, it is my privilege to report on the activities of our Society during my term as President.  It was an extremely productive year, marked by new ventures, partnerships, and projects all designed to provide the greatest benefit to our members.

To begin its 2014-2015 year, the Board of Directors, committee leadership, and Society staff of the New York County Medical Society met for a full day retreat at the Society’s brand new offices on 34th Street.  The results were miraculous.  The retreat focused on three key priorities for the society – membership, building relationships, and advocacy.  For membership, we discussed ways to engage a wider population of physicians and opportunities to expand the benefits of membership in both tangible and intangible ways.  We identified likely partners for joint programming on educational or legislative topics.  Recognizing the continuing critical importance of advocacy to our members and to all physicians in our county, we also considered how to more powerfully convey our message and work with legislators to accomplish our goals.

Immediately following our retreat, we began to strategically implement our plan.  To reach out to a wider audience for membership, we established standing committees for young physicians, residents, and medical students.  We also worked with local specialty societies to develop reciprocal membership discounts.  Over the course of the year, the membership committee reviewed proposals to offer special benefits to members and established relationships with a new financial planning firm and a professional employer organization.  Recognizing that 21st century communications are vital for member engagement, we have contracted to build a brand new website and we have greatly enhanced our Facebook and Twitter presence.

Throughout the year, the Society worked with other organizations to mutually beneficial end.  We held a joint legislative breakfast with the New York County Psychiatric Society which allowed physicians from both groups to dialogue with legislators.  Recognizing our expertise in delivering high quality CME courses, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine asked us to partner with them to offer CME courses throughout the year.  Advancing our existing relationship with AAPI New York City Metro, we co-sponsored an event on music and cancer.

This year was especially successful for our advocacy agenda.  Against all odds, we accomplished a one-year delay in the implementation of the e-prescribing mandate.  Despite growing public support, we blocked an expansion in the statute of limitations for medical liability that would have increased premiums as much as twenty percent.  We continued to build ever stronger relationships with our Manhattan legislators, exemplified by productive intimate breakfasts with Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried and Senator Liz Krueger.

Our important work continues on, but your Board of Directors and staff are extremely happy with the great accomplishments of the past year.  We look forward to continuing to serve you as we advance our profession on behalf of the physicians of New York County.

Membership Report

Elected  in  2015
Active 25
Young Physician/Part Time/Paid Retired    49
Resident/Fellow 14

Current  Members in 2015

Active 1,166
Student 519
Life 861
Reduced Rate 224
TOTAL 2,870

Figures reflect membership as of December 31, 2015. 

Treasurer’s Report

June 2, 2015, Annual Meeting of the New York County Medical Society: Anthony A. Clemendor, MD accepts
the Nicholas Romayne MD Award from President Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH  

Photo by Mervyn Bamby

In accord with Article VI, Section 6 of the Bylaws of the New York County Medical Society, I present this statement summarizing the  Society’s  financial records for 2014. Any active member in good standing may, by appointment, inspect the full and complete statement of our independent accountants at the offices of the Society. Scot B. Glasberg,  MD,   Treasurer, June 2014-June 2015

Dues and Commission 520,367
Grants and Contributions 1,880
Fees 59,449
Royalties and Administrative Fees 61,580
Reimbursements 193,322
Advertising 17,137
Interest Income 150
Other income 650
Total $ 854,535

Salaries and Related Expenses 505,552
Occupancy Costs 218,445
Business Expense 528
Program Activities and Functions 36,943
Office Management 92,494
Professional Services 71,211
Total   Expenses $925,173&

The Leadership, 2014 – 2015

The Presidents, June 2, 2015, Annual Meeting of the New York County Medical Society:  
Back row, left to right: Michael T. Goldstein, MD, JD; Joseph Maldonado, MD, President, MSSNY; Paul N. Orloff, MD;
Kenneth H. Brookler, MD; William B. Rosenblatt, MD; Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH; Anthony A.  Clemendor, MD;
Zebulon Taintor, MD; Malcolm D. Reid, MD, MPP; Milton Haynes, MD; 
Front row, left to right: Margaret Lewin, MD;
Richard N. Pierson, Jr., MD;  Sudha Patel, MD    

Photo by Mervyn Bamby

Board of Directors, June 2014-June 2015  
New York  County Medical Society

Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH, President
Michael T. Goldstein, MD, JD, President–Elect 
Matthew J. Bonanno, MD, Vice President    
Gregory Di Felice, MD, Secretary
Ami Shah, MD, Assistant Secretary
Scot B. Glasberg, MD,  Treasurer
Wen Dombrowksi, MD,  Assistant Treasurer

Board of Medical Ethics
 Michael Borecky, MD
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD 
Eli Einbinder, MD 
Alan Engelberg, MD
Henry Magliato, MD 
Marlin Mattson, MD

Board Members at Large
Jill Baron, MD
Conrad Cean, MD
Milton Haynes, MD
Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
Michael Milstein, MD
Risa Ravitz, MD
Gabrielle L. Shapiro, MD 
Niket Sonpal, MD
Naheed Van de Walle, MD

MSSNY ex–officio
Joshua M. Cohen, MD, Councilor
Malcolm D. Reid, MD, MPP, MSSNY  President–Elect
Board of Trustees, New York County Medical Society     
   Board of Directors,  Spingarn Fund, Inc.

Eugene E. Weise, MD, Chair
Joel M. Zinberg, MD, JD
Daniel W. Green, MD
Peter C. Lombardo, MD, FAAD
Paul N. Orloff, MD

Committee Chairs
New York County Medical Society 
Matthew Bonanno, MD, Continuing Medical Education
Arthur Cooper, MD, Public Health 
Heskel M. Haddad, MD,  Parking Review 
Milton Haynes, MD, Bylaws
Ami Shah, MD, Government Affairs
Gabrielle Shapiro, MD, Membership
Steven Zaretsky, MD, Workers’ Compensation
Delegation to the Medical Society of the State of New York
William B. Rosenblatt, MD,  Chair  
Anthony A. Clemendor, MD, Vice Chair
Stuart Orsher, MD, JD, Chair Emeritus
Joshua M. Cohen,  MD, MPH, Presidential Vice Chair
Robert B. Goldberg, DO, AMA Delegate 
Malcolm D. Reid, MD, MPP,  MSSNY  President–Elect and  AMA Delegate

Staff, New York County Medical Society
Cheryl M. Malone, CAE, Executive Director
Susan Tucker, Esq.
Sony Hilado
Lisa Joseph