Why Outsource HR - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Outsource HR - Frequently Asked Questions
Who is IdilusHR?
IdilusHR provides outsourced human resource and benefits solutions for organizations seeking to recruit and retain mission critical employees across the country. Our industry experts provide custom HR and benefit solutions designed to maximize employee engagement and satisfaction. By cultivating top talent, we help physician practices position themselves for success and long-term growth.

What are the challenges physician practice owners face?
Physician practice owners face a host of challenges in today’s increasingly complex management landscape, including:
  •  Attracting and retaining top physicians and staff
  • Rising healthcare costs
  • Time required for employment paperwork
  • Increased government regulations
  • Risk

How can IdilusHR help?
IdilusHR helps organizations attract and retain mission critical employees by providing payroll & HR support, custom benefits and risk mitigation services designed to maximize employee engagement and satisfaction. Our industry experts help practices save time and money on HR administration, compliance, insurance rate negotiation and the resolution of workplace issues.

How can I reduce time spent on payroll and HR administration?
Every year, the HR administration and compliance landscape increases in complexity. On average, physicians can spend nearly 20 percent of their time on nonclinical paperwork—time that could be spent on optimizing revenue or improving patient care.

Our payroll and HR specialists help ease the workload and cost required to properly administer a
comprehensive, compliant payroll and HR program for your practice. With our help, you can save valuable time and money to focus on what really matters – your patients.

How do I offer a comprehensive, custom benefits package?
Health insurance and other benefits remain critical to employee satisfaction. 78 percent of employees consider health insurance the most important benefit, and in a 2014 survey, 29 percent of physicians reported switching from employer to employee in order to receive a better benefits package.

Without partnering with an organization like IdilusHR, most practices simply can’t afford to customize their benefits package at a reasonable price. As a leading HR expert, the company has the ability to negotiate lower insurance rates by creating a larger employee pool. This allows us the opportunity to tailor benefits packages to practices’ specific needs, helping to attract talent, reduce turnover rates and contain costs.

How can I mitigate risk within my practice?
In the last five years, six out of 10 employers faced employment lawsuits. In a 2014 survey, 38 percent of physicians reported switching from employer to employee to mitigate risk.

IdilusHR will ensure your practice remains compliant and up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes and industry best practices. Our team of experts specializes not only in sharing the risk but also resolving a variety of workplace issues. We offer comprehensive employee training and development to encourage a safe and positive environment for your staff.

For more information, call IdilusHR at 1.877.545.5666 or visit www.nycmsbenefits.com.