MACRA: CMS’ New Quality Payment Program (QPP)

MACRA can be approachable!  Jim McNally explains CMS’s new Quality Payment Program

We are delighted to offer our members two different and complementary PowerPoint slide sets, drawn from Jim McNally’s 2017 Medicare Update session.  In this set, “MACRA: CMS’ New Quality Payment Program (QPP),” you’ll learn why MACRA is better than PQRS and the EHR program (simpler requirements, fairer scores).  MACRA gives you a huge range of choices, including things you may already be doing.  You can participate “a bit,” a medium amount, or a lot - pick your own pace.  And for parts of MACRA, no EHR is necessary! 

            Jim’s slides talk about MIPS (the MACRA section that may be most appropriate for small practices); the three MIPS physician activity areas (Quality Measures, Improvement Activities, Advancing Care Information); how MIPS is scored; what you can do if you just want to avoid penalties; what you can do to try for a bonus; and more.
            To view this slide series, click on MACRA: CMS.  At top, click the Slide Show tab. Close to the top of the screen, at far left, you will see an icon saying From Beginning.  Click on that icon.  The slide show should start (from the beginning), and you should hear the audio track.

(PS:  Please note that the following information is new and was not available at the time this presentation was recorded:  For a physician to be exempt from MACRA/MIPS starting January 1, 2017, and not be subject to a 4 percent penalty on the 2019 Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule, he or she would need to have less than $30,000.00 in approved amounts for Medicare patients treated in a year.  Or, he or she would need to treat 100 or fewer Medicare Part B patients, annually.  CMS has said they will soon post a lookup tool for physician exemptions, on the new website.  Check that site regularly!)