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Why Hire IdilusHR for Your Medical Practice?

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HIPAA 2016 Update: What Do You Need to Know?
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2016 DOHMH Advisory #37: New Zika Virus Testing Policy in New York City

CDC Health Advisory

2016 DOHMH Advisory #16: Update on Zika Virus Infection in New York City

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How you can comply simply and inexpensively, with or without an EMR! 
  PowerPoint and Audio Series:
Essentials from our Member Booklet, with expert Jim McNally
Starting March 27, 2016, the e-prescribing of both controlled and non-controlled substances will be required in New York State.  How can you prepare for this mandate?
You don’t need an EMR – just Internet access.  You can choose from a range of commercial systems – prices are reasonable (around $20 to $60 per month).  Most systems work with your smartphone. 
If you are retired or semi-retired, and/or write very few prescriptions per month, you may want to consider applying for a one-year waiver – some physicians have received these waivers.  Most other physicians will need to sign up with one of the commercial systems.
Find out more!  See Jim McNally’s PowerPoint series and listen as he tells you the key points.  Click on the topic(s) you are interested in – see the list below.   The first three topics, particularly, start you out with an important orientation – then you can look at the Appendices and the FAQs.
When each PowerPoint appears on your screen, you can simply press F5 Or, click Slide Show at top.  Then, click From Beginning.  (Be sure that your speaker is on and you have adjusted the volume.) 
Introduction, eRx Software, Vendors
Waivers and Vendor Lists
Appendix I I-Stop Law
Appendix II Waivers & Exceptions
NYCMS members, you may also want to read our eRx Booklet.  Call Susan Tucker at 212-684-4681, or e-mail stucker@nycms.org


Medicine Under Attack in Albany 
Contribute to MSSNYPAC. 
And come with us to Albany on Tuesday, March 8.   
Every year proposals arise in Albany that could harm the medical profession, but this year physicians are being attacked on many fronts by many different groups.  There are budget and legislative proposals that will significantly affect the medical profession and patients – and these proposals need to be stopped.
It is time for physicians to stop complaining and start acting. If you have been sitting on the sidelines, it’s time to step up to the plate with your bodies and your wallets.
We need doctors to go to Albany and meet the legislators and send them our message.
And we need physicians to contribute to MSSNYPAC.  Small donations from a large number of doctors will make a huge difference.  $100-dollar contributions from large numbers of doctors can be a game-changer. 
Join the fight and stop complaining.  And, do even more:  Urge your colleagues to join the medical society.  We welcome new members and there is strength in numbers.
Go to: 
YOU BOARD OUR BUS at 56 West 35th Street (6:20 a.m.), or at Park Avenue and 77th Street (6:35 am.).  We'll have breakfast, briefing and discussion on the bus.  Or, you can come up by car or train.   

WE ARRIVE in time for presentations by MSSNY and key NYS legislators and Health Department officials.  

WE VISIT LEGISLATORS IN THEIR OFFICESVisits are prearranged.  You go in a pre-set group with an experienced leader.  You get plenty of background information in advance.  

WE HAVE LUNCH in the "Egg" building in the Empire State Plaza.   


COME WITH US!   Your $50 will cover round-trip travel, breakfast and lunch.  Questions?  Call Susan Tucker at 212-684-4681 or e-mail stucker@nycms.org.  Ready to sign up?  Call Lisa Joseph at 212-684-4698 or e-mail ljoseph@nycms.org.
The Attack on Medicine
The medical liability issues now facing physicians are dangerous to the medical profession.
WILL THE SECOND LAYER OF MALPRACTICE COVERAGE BE CUT?  The Governor’s current budget proposal would eliminate the second layer of malpractice coverage for many physicians, leaving those physicians exposed so that they would have to purchase the coverage themselves.
WILL THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS BE CHANGED?   A current proposal would extend the statute of limitation to the date of discovery, instead of the current 2 ½ years.  Along with a proposed expansion of attorney contingency fees, this could raise medical liability premiums by 25 percent. 
PHYSICIAN INCOMES IN JEOPARDY:  High-risk specialties will be hurt most, but all areas of medicine will have to absorb the higher premiums - at the same time that fees are dropping under Medicare (and insurers that follow Medicare).  Independent physicians’ incomes will be lower each year; at the workplaces of employed physicians, overhead will be higher and salaries lower.  (Employed physicians may try to protect their salaries by increasing productivity, but that can only go so far.) 
WILL MORE NON-PHYSICIANS COME IN?   Non-physician healthcare providers receive lower compensation than physicians, but can perform many of the treatments usually rendered by physicians; thus, there is a tendency to replace physicians with non-physicians.  In addition, rising malpractice costs for physicians give employers an incentive to hire other providers whose malpractice costs are lower.    
For many years, New York State’s ban on the corporate practice of medicine has benefited medicine and protected consumers.  Recently, strong business interests have been fighting to overturn this ban, with potentially disastrous results.  A current legislative proposal to let retail clinics open in pharmacies would create huge conflicts; it’s a model that could spread to other businesses such as Toys “R” Us, the big box stores and the supermarkets (which also have pharmacies), and it must be vigorously opposed. 
HIGHER COSTS:   Pharmacy-employed non-physician providers could be influenced to prescribe the most profitable prescriptions – and with the shift to high-priced medications, patients and insurance companies could be saddled with higher healthcare costs.
CONTINUITY OF CARE THREATENED:  Medicine is not a single-encounter profession - especially if conditions need to be worked up or managed on a chronic basis.  The walk-in clinics would not provide this continuity of care.  We warn that:  Convenience should not replace common sense, and should not be allowed to jeopardize patients’ health and well-being. 
For many decades, County Medical Societies have borne the responsibility of evaluating their peers’ credentials to make sure that physicians who treat injured workers are qualified to do so.  But a new legislative proposal would shift this credentialing task out of the hands of County Medical Societies.  It would also expand the role of non-physicians in injured workers’ treatment. 
QUALITY JEOPARDIZED:  We need to ensure that injured workers receive proper care from competent professionals.  Here, as with the retail-clinics proposal, the State is reaching for greater control.  It’s true that the current Workers Comp system is flawed – but the State’s new proposal is no solution. 
Many doctors provided significant medical care to patients who were insured by Health Republic, the ACA COOP Insurance Company that is now insolvent.  These doctors treated their Health Republic patients in good faith, and had every expectation of being paid for their hard work.  But the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), which sets rates for insurance companies and monitors their financial health, failed to do its job.   It failed to ensure Health Republic’s financial viability; the insurer stayed in business for a time, but the doctors treating their insured did not get paid. 
The State should fulfil its responsibility:  The State should step up to the plate and help make the physicians whole for the care that they provided to residents of this State.
Until now, NYS Medicaid has followed the “prescriber prevails” rule:  Physicians, not insurance companies, have made the decisions as to the medication a patient is treated with. But under the Governor’s budget proposal, physicians will no longer make these decisions.  This attack on “Prescriber Prevails” has to be an anti-consumer disaster. It is rationing:  Insurance companies are just trying to improve their bottom line. It is shocking that the State should support this legislation.
Protecting medicine from this assault will require extraordinary efforts and a significant financial war chest. The entire medical community needs to join the fight with their bodies and their wallets. 
Fighting the battle takes manpower and money!  The crisis is huge and the time is now! 

MLMIC Policyholders to Receive 20 Percent Dividend 
MLMIC’s Board of Directors has approved a 20 percent dividend for all MLMIC policyholders who are insured as of May 1, 2016, and maintain continuous coverage through July 1, 2016.
MLMIC’s mission is to provide insurance at cost. To offset premiums, we offer dividends to our policyholders whenever we can. Our competitors often promise low initial premiums to attract business, but MLMIC continually operates without a profit motive. Instead, we work to provide much needed relief to our policyholders, while maintaining financial stability.
MLMIC remains a mutual insurer, owned by our policyholders, and we are committed to policyholder-first service. Over the years, MLMIC’s financial strength has allowed us to pay more than $300 million in dividends to our policyholders, an accomplishment unmatched by other insurers.
You can find more about understanding dividends here, and of course you can contact us anytime with questions.

New York County Medical Society President 
Issues Warning on Narrowing Health Networks

Below please find a statement from the New York County Medical Society’s President, Michael t. Goldstein, MD, JD, regarding the latest effort to narrow physician networks for Medicare Advantage Plan networks in New York.
You can contact me at (212) 684-4691 or cmalone@nycms.org 
New York County Medical Society President 
Issues Warning on Narrowing Health Networks

New York, NY (November 23,  2015) –  Michael T. Goldstein, MD, JD, President, New York County Medical Society, has alerted colleagues around the City to take action now regarding a recent effort to narrow physician networks for patients in Medicare Advantage Plans.

Doctor Goldstein noted that  EmblemHealth has sent letters to a number of  independent physicians and their patients stating that these doctors will no longer be part of their networks.  Representatives of the five boroughs of New York City met with EmblemHealth executives last week and were told  that EmblemHealth is adopting a new model of healthcare consistent with the healthcare reforms advocated  by the government. This model apparently does not include independent physicians who are not part of a larger network. Rather, EmblemHealth will work with contracted entities including IPAs.   

Physicians are worried about disruption of continuity of care particularly for the sickest patients. It was also argued that in the case of chronically ill patients, a physician who knew the patient would provide more cost–effective care and reduce hospitalizations, avoiding the disruption and learning curve associated with transitioning to a new  physician. Doctors have told us of patients who were home–bound with chronic diseases, who depended on their familiar physician; some patients   were distraught on learning that right before it was time for them to re–enroll in their Medicare Advantage Plan for 2016 that they would have to find a new plan if they were to keep their own primary care doctor. 

Physicians now have two choices. Those who wish to continue seeing EmblemHealth  patients need to appeal EmblemHealth’s decision to drop them and also join organizations, including IPAs, that have contracts with the insurer.

 The second option is for physicians to notify their patients that the enrollment period for next year ends December 7. If  patients want to continue with their current physicians, they should enroll in  plans in which their physicians participate.

Each physician needs to decide his/her own best course of action. It is disturbing that healthcare reform fails to recognize the value to patients of the independent practice community as seen in recent problems documenting ending of Health Exchange products and patients forced to find a different health plan each year as products change and premiums rise.  The Medical Society is working to preserve independent practice as a cost–effective modality that benefits patients and doctors. 

To speak to Doctor Goldstein, contact New York County Medical Society, Cheryl Malone at cmalone@nycms.org or (212)  684-4691.

The New York County Medical Society, in existence since 1806, has a rich tradition of influence in American medicine.  Today, its 3,000 members are concerned about everything from  health care reform to issues affecting the health of children and seniors.  Its members  present the opinions of physicians before legislators and government officials,  protect the public health, and  keep physicians informed on the issues that affect their practice of medicine.

Doctor on Call Cards
Doctor On Call Cards: One of the unique services offered to you as a Society member is access to the Society's parking review program. The Parking Ticket Review Panel reviews members' New York City parking tickets to recommend dismissal to the New York City Parking Violations Bureau. Last year, as a result of Society intervention, members saved over $70,000 in parking fines.

In order to take advantage of this valuable membership benefit, you must renew your “Doctor On Medical Call” card. Display the card in the windshield of your car with MD plates in order to be eligible for parking ticket dismissal. The card is renewed at a reasonable price of $25.00 for a one-year period (the new card expires in June 30, 2018). Some restrictions do apply; you will receive with your new card a sheet describing these as well as the procedures to follow to request that a parking ticket be dismissed (please read them carefully).

To order your new “Doctor on Medical Call” card, send your check for $25.00, made payable to the New York County Medical Society, and your request to Lisa Joseph, Parking Review Program, New York County Medical Society, 261 West 35 Street, Suite 504 New York, New York 10001.

Get Free Medical Translation Benefit
The New York County Medical Society is pleased to provide its members with its newest benefit — The Canopy Medical Translator — a free download for our members.

Canopy is supported by the NIH to create a next–gen translator app for medicine, enabling you to communicate with patients in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and more. To see how it works, watch the viheredeo.

Don’t wait for a translator to show up, or worry about finding a “translator” phone in your hospital. You have the app and you have the access with Canopy.

Society members will get access to the app for free (value of $250). There are a limited number of free licenses, so act fast!

The Canopy Translator allows you to communicate with your patient and reach out to the translator in your hospital, if you need more details.

Society members call (212) 684–4670 to get the code to open the downloads :

For iOS – you can search on the App Store or click here (*If using an iPad, switch the search to "iPhone Only."):

For Android – you can search on the Play Store or click here.

Is there anyplace where doctors need this app more than New York City? Get your FREE benefit of Society membership today!

GoodRX Prescription Drug Prices and Savings at Your Fingertips

Bring prescription drug prices and savings into your office.

The New York County Medical Society is pleased to introduce its members to GoodRX. GoodRX is a portal that:
  • Shows your patient the closest pharmacies with the cheapest price
  • Provides lowest discount coupons
  • Shows manufacturer coupons
  • Average Savings: 58%
When you direct your patients to GoodRX, they will be grateful at the possibility of getting the same medication at the lowest price. You will be more confident that your patients will actually get the drugs prescribed because the costs won’t be prohibitive. Although best for underinsured/uninsured patients, people have been able to get drugs for less than their co–pays. It has already been used by over 900,000 customers each month to look up over 6 million prices.

GoodRx was recommended by Consumer Reports as the best solution for looking up prescription drug prices, and has received support from health advocacy organizations, healthcare companies and pharmacies including Costco, Aetna, Anthem and others. GoodRx was also featured on ABC, CNN Money, Forbes, CBS, and the Financial Times.

It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s one more way your Society membership helps your practice.

Member Only Benefit - Get your Free GoodRx Office Kit GoodRx for Physicians

To find out more about the tool, go to Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tool

ICD-10 with NYCMS:
Now, Society members can access our “Essentials of ICD-10 with Jim McNally” –

A series of brief, focused PowerPoint presentations with audio.

Continuing our “ICD-10 with NYCMS” project:

We are happy to announce that Society members can now access “Essentials of ICD-10 with Jim McNally,” a series of 14 short, single-topic PowerPoint ICD-10 presentations with audio. ICD-10 is a huge subject, but these 14 presentations will be very helpful as you prepare for the new coding system. Each presentation will take just a few minutes of your time. You can see the slides and hear Jim as he explains them! You’ll get quite a full picture of the entire ICD-10 challenge.

Members, go to the Member Area section on this site, click on Enter Member Area, and enter your username and password (or click Request Password).

Then click on Practice Issues and Helpful Handouts. You’ll find a list of topics to choose from. We recommend that you go through all the topics when you can.

Nonmembers, now is a perfect time to join our Society. Just call Sony Hilado at 212-684-4682, or e-mail shilado@nycms.org.


About ICD-10
Key Points – Dates of Service
ICD-10 Code Breakdown
Accessing the ICD-10 Coding Manual
ICD-10 7th Character Placeholder Function
ICD-10 Coding Manual Breakdown
Diabetes Coding under ICD-10
Uncertain/Unknown Diagnosis Coding under ICD-10
Administrative Plan for ICD-10 Implementation
ICD-10 Documentation Issues
ICD-10 Coding Training Plan
Other ICD-10 Code Search Tools
ICD-10 and Payment Initiatives
Grace Period Provisions & Family of Codes Issue

 2014 ALERT #3: Emergency Post-Exposure Prohylaxis Can Prevent HIV Infection

Provider Reporting:
How to Report Diseases, Events,
and Conditions to the New York City
Health Department
  • Provider reporting helps the Health Department identify outbreaks, prevent infection, and quantify disease burden.
  • Promptly report diseases, conditions, and events as mandated by law. Know which cases must be reported immediately and which must be reported within 24 hours (Table, page 4).
  • Call the Health Department’s Provider Access Line (PAL) (866-692-3641) immediately if you suspect any of the following, even if the disease or condition is not mandated as reportable:
    • any suspected outbreak that occurs in 3 or more people;
    • an unusual manifestation of a disease or condition in an individual, including an unusual risk factor or lack thereof (eg, malaria in an individual who has never traveled to an endemic area);
    • a newly apparent or emerging disease or a syndrome of uncertain etiology that could possibly be communicable (eg, fungal meningitis possibly associated with contaminated steroid injections); or
    • certain infectious diseases in a food handler; a staff member or child younger than age 6 in a school, day care, camp, or other congregate setting; a resident or staff member in a congregate residential setting (including correctional or homeless facilities); or a health care worker who provides oral care.
Provider Reporting Guide

2015 Advisory # 2: Influenza Advisory

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Call (212) 684-4670, ext. 214 to receive ID number and register today!

Workers’ Compensation Rating

Fill out a Workers Compensation Rating application. The application can be obtained by visiting the Workers Compensation Board website  or call the Society at 212-684-4682. Submit with a package that includes:
  1. (Effective June 1, 2013) A check for $250.00 for members; $750.00 for nonmembers or resigned members payable to the New York County Medical Society, to process the application.
  2. Two photocopies of proof of Board Certification from the American Board of your Specialty, or
    • Two photocopies of your Certificate showing completion of three years of residency training or,
    • A letter from your Chairman/Program Director, stating the dates and specialty that you have completed your three years of residency training.
  3. Two photocopies of your Biennial Certificate of Registration, which reflects your principals office address. In order to get a change of address, you must call the New York State Education - Division of Professional Licensing at (518) 474 - 3817, or go to their website. (Please read section # 4 of the application.)
  4. Two personal letters of recommendation addressed to:
New York County Medical Society
Steven D. Zaretsky, MD
Chairman, Committee on Workers’ Compensation
261 West 35 Street, Suite 504
New York, NY 10001
If you have any questions, please call Sony Hilado at (212) 684-4682.