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MLMIC: Risk Management Brochure (Vol II)


MACRA: CMS’ New Quality Payment Program (QPP)  

Why Hire IdilusHR for Your Medical Practice?


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How you can comply simply and inexpensively, with or without an EMR! 
  PowerPoint and Audio Series:
Essentials from our Member Booklet, with expert Jim McNally
Starting March 27, 2016, the e-prescribing of both controlled and non-controlled substances will be required in New York State.  How can you prepare for this mandate?
You don’t need an EMR – just Internet access.  You can choose from a range of commercial systems – prices are reasonable (around $20 to $60 per month).  Most systems work with your smartphone. 
If you are retired or semi-retired, and/or write very few prescriptions per month, you may want to consider applying for a one-year waiver – some physicians have received these waivers.  Most other physicians will need to sign up with one of the commercial systems.
Find out more!  See Jim McNally’s PowerPoint series and listen as he tells you the key points.  Click on the topic(s) you are interested in – see the list below.   The first three topics, particularly, start you out with an important orientation – then you can look at the Appendices and the FAQs.
When each PowerPoint appears on your screen, you can simply press F5 Or, click Slide Show at top.  Then, click From Beginning.  (Be sure that your speaker is on and you have adjusted the volume.) 
Introduction, eRx Software, Vendors
Waivers and Vendor Lists
Appendix I I-Stop Law
Appendix II Waivers & Exceptions
NYCMS members, you may also want to read our eRx Booklet.  Call Susan Tucker at 212-684-4681, or e-mail stucker@nycms.org


Doctor on Call Cards
Doctor On Call Cards: One of the unique services offered to you as a Society member is access to the Society's parking review program. The Parking Ticket Review Panel reviews members' New York City parking tickets to recommend dismissal to the New York City Parking Violations Bureau. Last year, as a result of Society intervention, members saved over $70,000 in parking fines.

In order to take advantage of this valuable membership benefit, you must renew your “Doctor On Medical Call” card. Display the card in the windshield of your car with MD plates in order to be eligible for parking ticket dismissal. The card is renewed at a reasonable price of $25.00 for a one-year period (the new card expires in June 30, 2018). Some restrictions do apply; you will receive with your new card a sheet describing these as well as the procedures to follow to request that a parking ticket be dismissed (please read them carefully).

To order your new “Doctor on Medical Call” card, send your check for $25.00, made payable to the New York County Medical Society, and your request to Lisa Joseph, Parking Review Program, New York County Medical Society, 261 West 35 Street, Suite 504 New York, New York 10001.

ICD-10 with NYCMS:
Now, Society members can access our “Essentials of ICD-10 with Jim McNally” –

A series of brief, focused PowerPoint presentations with audio.

Continuing our “ICD-10 with NYCMS” project:

We are happy to announce that Society members can now access “Essentials of ICD-10 with Jim McNally,” a series of 14 short, single-topic PowerPoint ICD-10 presentations with audio. ICD-10 is a huge subject, but these 14 presentations will be very helpful as you prepare for the new coding system. Each presentation will take just a few minutes of your time. You can see the slides and hear Jim as he explains them! You’ll get quite a full picture of the entire ICD-10 challenge.

Members, go to the Member Area section on this site, click on Enter Member Area, and enter your username and password (or click Request Password).

Then click on Practice Issues and Helpful Handouts. You’ll find a list of topics to choose from. We recommend that you go through all the topics when you can.

Nonmembers, now is a perfect time to join our Society. Just call Sony Hilado at 212-684-4682, or e-mail shilado@nycms.org.


About ICD-10
Key Points – Dates of Service
ICD-10 Code Breakdown
Accessing the ICD-10 Coding Manual
ICD-10 7th Character Placeholder Function
ICD-10 Coding Manual Breakdown
Diabetes Coding under ICD-10
Uncertain/Unknown Diagnosis Coding under ICD-10
Administrative Plan for ICD-10 Implementation
ICD-10 Documentation Issues
ICD-10 Coding Training Plan
Other ICD-10 Code Search Tools
ICD-10 and Payment Initiatives
Grace Period Provisions & Family of Codes Issue
Workers’ Compensation Rating

Fill out a Workers Compensation Rating application. The application can be obtained by visiting the Workers Compensation Board website  or call the Society at 212-684-4682. Submit with a package that includes:
  1. (Effective June 1, 2013) A check for $250.00 for members; $750.00 for nonmembers or resigned members payable to the New York County Medical Society, to process the application.
  2. Two photocopies of proof of Board Certification from the American Board of your Specialty, or
    • Two photocopies of your Certificate showing completion of three years of residency training or,
    • A letter from your Chairman/Program Director, stating the dates and specialty that you have completed your three years of residency training.
  3. Two photocopies of your Biennial Certificate of Registration, which reflects your principals office address. In order to get a change of address, you must call the New York State Education - Division of Professional Licensing at (518) 474 - 3817, or go to their website. (Please read section # 4 of the application.)
  4. Two personal letters of recommendation addressed to:
New York County Medical Society
Steven D. Zaretsky, MD
Chairman, Committee on Workers’ Compensation
261 West 35 Street, Suite 504
New York, NY 10001
If you have any questions, please call Sony Hilado at (212) 684-4682.